Invited international speakers


Institution, City & Country

Fields of expertise

Prof Harminder Dua

University of Nottingham, UK

Cornea & ocular surface disease

Prof John Kempen

Harvard Medical School, Boston, USA
Massachusetts Eye and Ear - Director of Epidemiology for Ophthalmology
Corrently working in Ethiopia

Ocular inflammatory diseases such as uveitis, scleritis, and others; as well as ocular complications of AIDS

Prof Ferenc Kuhn
(President: International Society of Ocular Trauma)

University of Alabama, Birmingham, AL USA

Ocular trauma and vitreoretinal diseases

Prof Seyhan Özkan

Adnan Menderes University Medical School in Aydın, Turkey

Paediatric ophthalmology and strabismus

Mr David Verity

Moorfields Eye Hospital, UK

Adnexal, plastic & reconstructive surgery (eyelid, lacrimal, orbit and socket disorders)