Venue: Durban International Convention Centre

The beautiful City of Durban is one of the richest in cultural diversity in South Africa. With many different people groups residing here it is a real reflection of the rainbow nation that South Africa is. With a population of about 3,7 million people in the metropolitan region, it is also the second most populated city in South Africa. Numerous beaches and iconic attractions all along the coast make it one of the greatest tourist attractions in South Africa to local holiday makers and international visitors.

With world class facilities, leisure activities and prime accommodation Durban, is more than able to host a wide variety of events and people and make every visitor feel refreshed and rejuvenated as they share in the wonderful legacy that Durban is leaving on the African continent.

A focal point of Durban’s business district, the Durban International Convention Centre (Durban ICC) is a functional space in an aesthetic environment. Centrally located and just half an hour from the airport, the Durban ICC is minutes from hotels and beaches. Palm trees form a welcoming avenue while at the entrance to the centre three baobabs, Africa’s tree giants, bid a regal greeting.

The Durban ICC is one of the most advanced congress facilities in the world. The facility boasts the largest area of column free, flat floor, multi-purpose space in Africa coupled with state-of-the-art technology.